Hello! My name is Rick Kitagawa, and I like painting and drawing.

Thanks for stopping by. I make paintings of monsters, illustrate creepy things, and make prints on the side as well!
You can check out all the paintings here, the illustrations here, or the prints over here.

Recent(ish) News

10/20 - I'll be talking about some of my Bestiarum paintings and might be doing a reading of my new illustrated short story "The Drowning of Jun Wakayama" at Eth-Noh-Tec Studios on the 29th as part of the Salon! You're On!: Tales of Terror. Hope to see you there!

10/18 - New paintings up in the painting section.

10/12 - Want to visit The Secret of Deadbrook? Start HERE.

10/07/11 - To make it a very busy Saturday, after the live painting/open studios on Saturday, I'll have a piece up in the Merchants of Reality's show "From Caves, Waves, and Cosmia," - 285 9th St. (x Folsom) from 8pm on!


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